Hello:wave:, I study machine learning and computer vision.

My research goal is to design machines to learn and understand the world like humans.
It leads me to think about follow-up researches: 1. Data- and Label-efficient learning 2. Learning from noisy labels 3. Depth estimation and 3D scene understanding



  • Object Discovery via Contrastive Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Detection.
    Jinhwan Seo, Wonho Bae, Danica J. Sutherland, Junhyug Noh*, Daijin Kim*
    ECCV 2022 - paper | project page | code

  • Revisiting Class Activation Mapping for Learning from Imperfect Data.
    Wonho Bae*, Junhyug Noh*, Jinhwan Seo, Gunhee Kim
    CVPRW 2020 - paper

  • Better to Follow, Follow to be Better: Towards Precise Supervision of Feature Super-Resolution for Small Object Detection.
    Junhyug Noh, Wonho Bae, Wonhee Lee, Jinhwan Seo, Gunhee Kim
    ICCV 2019 - paper